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Autumn Air Company installs a variety of different thermostats.

The main reason for changing your thermostat when changing to a modern furnace is simply the fact the old thermostats ran off of a variable resistor which used the single consistant amp draw of the old time gas valve to set up a differential to make the furnace cycle off and on without any quick cycling. The new furnaces will pull different amp draws depending on what part of the heating cycle the furnace is in.

In the coming weeks we will provide pictures and brief descriptions of several popular thermostats that we install as well as "Special Offers". Look for "Money Saving" Coupons at the bottom of this page and keep checking back.

If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to either post them on the forum for all to read or you can go back to the contact us page and email or call me personally.


Gary Keithline

Autumn Air Company


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