Is dry air making you a more attractive person?

See what dry air can do?

End dryness now and you could get special savings

Static electricity, dry skin, scratchy throat, cracking wood-work and furniture; they're all symptoms of dry air. And during the winter months, your home is one of the driest places on earth. Yet it doesn't have to be. You can rid your home of the ravages of dryness with one phone call to your heating and cooling contractor, and have an Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier installed.

Added humidity has some very attractive benefits.

  • It helps eliminate dry nose, throat and itchy skin.
  • Doctors often recommend humidity to reduce upper respiratory problems caused by dry air.
  • It reduces the effects of static electricity.
  • You will feel warmer at a lower thermostat setting in the winter.  (That means a lower thermostat setting... $$$)
  • It prevents premature aging of furniture and cracked woodwork.  (Wood warps when dried out...)

Plus, no humidifier is easier to use and maintain than Aprilaire. It's the world's first truly automatic humidifier. You'll never have to adjust a humidistat dial. Once set it monitors your air and makes sure the humidity level stays constant year round at the level you originally set it at.

So get comfortable. Don't suffer from the effects of dryness any longer. No matter what size home or type of heating system you have, there's an Aprilaire Humidifier that will meet your needs. To find out more about the benefits added humidity can bring to your home, call Autumn Air Company for a free in-home estimate.. Once you know more about it, we're sure you'll be attracted to Aprilaire.


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